150+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter [ Best Messages ]

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A daughter is the princess of the family. She is always very cheerful, quirky and at the same time mature enough to understand everything. She is someone whom you love with all your heart. She makes your life beautiful. It is her special day, so we have here a long list of heartfelt birthday messages for your beloved daughter. These messages will make her feel very loved and special.

Let’s show your pride, love, and affection towards your daughter with these happy birthday wishes for your daughter.

Evergreen Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

happy birthday daughter images
  • You have brought light and prosperity into our lives ever since the day you were born. You are very special to us. Happy birthday, princess.
  • We are truly the luckiest parents in the world because we have a daughter like you. Thank you for making us feel so special. Happy birthday, baby.
  • It’s your day, baby. Go out with a friend. Party hard and enjoy. Happiest birthday.
  • You were always our, baby. Happy birthday to my precious daughter.
  • You mean so much to us. Happiest birthday, darling.
  • Happy birthday. You are so strong, my angel. You are an inspiration for everyone. God bless you!
  • You are transforming into an amazing woman. Keep growing and shining, sweetheart. Happy birthday.
  • Darling, we just want you to grow each day and become a better person. You are an inspiration and a blessing to so many people. Happy birthday, my courteous daughter.
  • We always knew that you’ll make us proud one day and now, you are making us proud, dear. May you achieve your every dream. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • We might have done something great that’s why God gave us such a wonderful daughter like you. We have got most diligent daughter in the world. Many many happy returns of the day, darling.
heartwarming birthday wishes for daughter
  • There is no title that can perfectly describe you in my life. You are my best friend, my daughter and also the love of my life. Lots of love! Happiest birthday, princess!
  • My exuberant daughter, may your day be filled with happiness and joy! Happy birthday.
  • I am so grateful to have such an adorable daughter like you. I hope that your day will be very special. Many many happy returns of the day, love.
  • You are our happiness. Thank you for coming into our lives and making it so beautiful. May you have an excellent birthday. We love you. Happy birthday to my most generous child.
  • Happy birthday to the cutest princess. You are all the sweetness and love that we need in this bitter world. Enjoy your day!
  • Every year on this day, we are reminded that this day made our lives so much better because on this day you came to our lives. Happy birthday our cute angel!
  • Dear daughter, thank you so much for being our unpaid therapist. We are truly blessed to be your parents. We are forever grateful to you. Happiest birthday, beautiful.
  • Dear daughter, thank you for being mature enough to help us survive in this world. You are a gem and we are very lucky to have you as our daughter. Many many happy returns of the day!
  • Happy birthday. Dream big, work hard and achieve everything you want in life, love. We are always with you. We love you so much.
  • May your special day be filled with a thousand smiles and lots of love. May God bless you, love. Happiest birthday.
happy birthday to you daughter
  • Happy Birthday. A person like you deserves all the happiness of this world, darling. May all your birthday wishes come true. I love you very much!
  • With every birthday that passes, you make us more and more proud. You are such an inspiring, fun, and caring child. Happy birthday, my prettiest angel.
  • You are no little anymore but you still are our little princes. Your accomplishments make us proud. Thank you for being such a nice daughter. Happiest birthday, sweetie!
  • Happy birthday, dear. Sending you our precious birthday wishes and lots of love and hope. You mean a lot to us.
  • Happy birthday to the most generous person! I am so thankful to have you, sweetheart. Enjoy your day.
  • Sending my daughter lots of blessing and love. Hope you have a fun-filled birthday. Happy birthday, baby. I love you.
  • Wishing my adorable, intelligent and lovable daughter an exciting and thrilling birthday. I love you, princess.
  • Words can’t describe what you mean to me, darling. I am so proud of you. May you achieve everything you deserve. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • Happy Birthday, wittiest girl. You are my ray of hope in this world full of darkness. You add joy to my life!
  • Whenever we see your smile, the world looks better. We hope that you’ll keep blessing the world with your angelic smile. Happiest birthday, beautiful.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad
  • You are my sunshine in darkest nights. You are my only strength. May God give you courage, confidence and everything you wish for. Happy birthday, Sweetie!
  • You have only acquired good qualities, from me as well as from your dad. I am so proud to have a daughter as adorable as you. Happiest birthday, love.
  • Time flies so fast. Yesterday, you were a little girl and today, you are a mature lady. Happy Birthday, my sweetest daughter!
  • A daughter like you is so rare in this world. You are very precious to me, sweetheart. Many many happy returns of the day. I love you the most. Stay blessed!
  • I know that you are no longer a baby but I’ll still hold you in my arms. You are an incredible daughter. Happy birthday to you, my gorgeous princess.
  • I know I am rude at times but I had to be rude to make you understand the difference between right and wrong. Just to let you know, I will always be here for you. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Dear daughter, thank you for being an open book. I am really lucky to have a daughter like you who never hides anything from her mother. I love you. Happy birthday, angel!
  • I may not appear to be much understanding but I do understand you, my baby. I want you to be independent. My prayers and blessings will always be with you. Happy Birthday to you.
happy birthday daughter from mom
  • No matter how much you grow up, you will always be my little angel, my princess, and my baby girl. Happy Birthday, my munchkin.
  • To the rock star who rocks my world, May you get all the happiness and love. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, my dearest daughter.
  • Happy birthday, my beloved daughter! I am the luckiest mom in this world because God has sent you in my womb. You’re my pride, darling. Happiest birthday to you.
  • Today is an unforgettable day for all of us. Happy birthday, my angel! Thank you for coming to this world. You’re the best daughter. Love you!
  • My baby, I am so thankful to you because you gave me the special feeling of being a mother. Happy birthday, my doll.
  • Happy birthday, my princess! I don’t know how to tell you and make you understand what you mean to me. You are my reason to live. My support is always with you. May God shower his blessings upon you.
  • On this day I got the best gift from God. I got my little fairy. Happy birthday, darling! Always stay happy.
  • It’s really hurting me that you are not with us today but enjoy yourself with your friends! It is your day. Happiest birthday my lovely princess!
  • May God give you strength and confidence to overcome every obstacle in life. Happy happy birthday, daughter!
birthday message for daughter from mother
  • Every year I wait so eagerly for this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear. May you become a noble person. I love you.
  • The most important day of the year has come again. Happiest birthday, sweetheart. May you have an amazing day, my girl.
  • My beautiful daughter, happy birthday! Thank you for making us feel so proud. We love you.
  • Today is the birthday of the most important person in my life. Happy Birthday to my smartest daughter! I love you so much. Come to meet me soon!
  • Your existence has completed us. We are the happiest people only because of your presence. Happy birthday to our little fairy.
  • Happiest birthday, my love. May God make you a successful human being!
  • Happy birthday, my lovely sweetheart! I want to tell you that, you have amazing nature and attitude. I’ll always protect you.
  • I will always appreciate you in your success as well as failure. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear.
  • Enjoy every moment of the day, sweetheart. Happiest birthday! Love you so much!
  • I am really thankful to God because he blessed me with an adorable daughter like you. Happy birthday, my love! Enjoy your day.
  • Your entrance has fulfilled my life with so much joy. Happiest birthday, darling! Keep smiling!
  • May every day of your life brings a lot of happiness. Have a wonderful birthday, my doll. Mumma loves you!
  • When I see you respecting others, it gives me a sense of pride. You are adorable my daughter. Many many happy returns of the day. Keep shining!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

happy birthday daughter from dad
  • I’ll always keep you safe and happy. Happy birthday, my angel.
  • When I taught you walking, cycling and swimming, I thought I made the best memories but when you called me ‘Dad’ for the first time, that was the best thing ever happened to me. Happy birthday, princess. Stay happy always!
  • Happiest birthday to the sweetest girl ever! A big red velvet cake is waiting for you. Come soon!
  • Every year you bring us more and more happiness. Happy birthday, our sunshine.
  • Thank you for transforming me into a gentleman. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter!
  • We have a grand birthday bash waiting for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart! We love you a lot.
  • Thank you for always helping me to cope with the stress of everyday life. Happy birthday, darling!
  • You were and are my first priority, my love. Happy birthday to you. May God bless you!
  • I know I have hurt you several times but I had to be strict, my dear. I am sorry for everything. Happiest birthday, my cupcake. Be happy!
  • You are always on my mind, my dear daughter. You thought brings a big smile on my lips. Happy birthday, baby!
  • Every moment that I spend with you brings so much joy. Happiest birthday, love. May your birthday be absolutely incredible.
  • Thank you for loving me so much, my darling. You have always been an adorable daughter. Happiest birthday to you. I am really very fortunate to have you.
  • Earlier, I used to teach you things but now, you teach me so many new things. Happiest birthday, teacher! Thank you for everything.
  • Happy birthday, my champ. I just want to tell you that there’s nothing in this world which you can’t do. Your parents will always cheer for you!
  • We have so many unforgettable and extremely sweet memories together. When we used to play together when we used to go on walks together. There’s no better partner than you. Happy birthday, my cute little princess.
  • Today I was blessed with the most generous daughter in this world. Thank you for coming to our lives, baby. Happiest birthday to you. You’ll always be my princess.
  • You mean more than money or fame to me. Happy birthday. I miss you. Come soon!
  • Your childhood has gone by too quickly. But I am happy because you are still that bubbly and naughty. Happy birthday, my baby. I love you a lot.
  • You are the most trustworthy person I have ever seen in my life, darling. Happy birthday, my angel. I am so proud to be your father.
  • You brought so much happiness into my life, my princess. Happy birthday to you. Keep smiling because it makes this world a little better place to live.
  • Today is the reminder of how grateful we are to have an angel like you in our lives. May you live long. Happiest birthday, dear!
  • Happy birthday to the most fabulous daughter in the world! You are so perfect, dear. I hope you’ll never change yourself.
  • I want to thank you for pushing me to try harder, to challenge me and to make myself a better person as well as a better parent. Happy birthday, love. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
  • May you cherish every moment today because everyone is trying their best to make you feel very special, my darling. Happy birthday to you. You hold the most special place in our hearts.
  • Happy birthday. Today, I want to apologize for everything I have done, dear. I’ll become the best father in the world because I have to handle the best daughter ever.
  • This year for your birthday I have brought lots of balloons, chocolates and a very big cake! Happiest birthday, my fabulous daughter. May this birthday be your best birthday ever.
  • I hope your birthday is filled with lots of thrill, joy, and happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear. Tight hugs!
  • Daughter, you are my biggest strength and the love of my life. Happy birthday. I want to see you happy always and I can do anything to bring a smile on your face.
  • I know it is our first time that we are so far from each other but no distance can decrease our love for each other. A very happy birthday, love.
  • You are my greatest achievement, darling. Happy birthday to you. May God bless you!

Cute Birthday Wishes for Daughter

birthday wishes to my daughter
  • Thank you for coming to our lives, princess because things were never the same after you came to our lives. You are not our daughter. You are surely an angel. Happy birthday, angel.
  • We are so lucky that we became parents to such a pretty daughter. You always make us feel proud, baby. Many many happy returns of the day. God bless!
  • We are the best parents ever only because you are the best daughter ever. Happy birthday, my little champ.
  • We are truly blessed because we got the chance to bring up a daughter like you. Happy birthday. You are the biggest achievement of our lives.
  • All the members of the family should learn a thing or two from you. You are such an amazing human. We are proud to call you our daughter. Happy birthday.
  • Every moment spent with you is priceless for us. Happiest birthday, sweetheart. May all your desires come true.
  • I am sorry for scolding you all the time but I am happy that you have always taken my advice on everything. Happy birthday, my angel. Dad loves you.
  • You have taught us so many of life’s most important lessons. We wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you for everything, darling!
  • Your adorable smile melts our hearts so many times. Happy birthday, dearest daughter and please, always keep smiling!
  • Nothing matters for us more than your happiness, baby. Just fly and make us proud. Happiest birthday, my baby doll.
happy birthday daughter quotes
  • There doesn’t even exist a word to describe you. You are so perfect and amazing. Many many happy returns of the day, princess.
  • You make our every single day so cheerful and beautiful. Thank you so much for being such a nice daughter. Wishing you a very very happy birthday.
  • I have heard a million times that daughters are like angels. But when we got you and we saw how our lives became magical, then we understood you are no less than a fairy. Happiest birthday, my fairy.
  • All my stress disappears when I see your lovely smile. Happy birthday, my munchkin.
  • Happiest birthday, kid! I know our relationship has seen so many ups and downs but it only made our bond stronger.
  • I don’t think we ever deserved a daughter as graceful as you. You are our pride. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  • Thank you for wiping all our sorrows and making us smile even in the most difficult times. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
  • I know a lot of times I have scolded you and hurt you but now, I am apologizing for everything. Many many happy returns of the day princess. Live your dreams!
  • Thank you for making us the best parents. There is still a lot to learn from you, sweetheart. Happiest birthday. Stay blessed!
  • You are not just pretty and cute but also very sincere and disciplined. We love you so much. Happy birthday, our adorable kid!
  • Happy birthday, daughter. You are my most beautiful prize. As long as I have you, I don’t need anything else in life.
  • Many many happy returns of the day, baby! I just want you to work hard and live your dreams.
happy birthday daughter quotes from a mother
  • You are the most beautiful girl in this world. May you have a beautiful birthday as well. Happy Birthday, lifeline.
  • I know you are my second daughter but you know what, you are my favorite one too. Happy birthday, daughter. Always believe in yourself.
  • Thank you for always being our biggest supporter. We are incomplete without you, baby. Many many happy returns of the day to our sweetheart.
  • Wishing a fun and blessed birthday to my lovely daughter. I love you. You are my happiness.
  • We are so lucky to be parents of such an inspiring girl. We are so proud of you. Happy birthday, baby. Party hard.
  • You are no less than a Disney princess, baby. You are the cutest child. Happy birthday to you. May God bless you!
  • I wish every father gets a daughter like you. You have made our lives easier and a lot happier than before. Thank you, princess. Very happy birthday to you.
  • I always wanted a very loving and caring daughter but you are more loving and caring than I wanted. Happy birthday from the happiest father in the world.

Best Birthday Greetings for Daughter

happy birthday to my daughter
  • You will always be the best woman in my life. Happiest birthday, my superwoman. Thank you for being so wonderful.
  • We know you’ll shine and make us proud very soon. Happy birthday. May today be your most amazing day.
  • We wish you a birthday that is as fabulous, beautiful, and great as you are.
  • Yesterday, you were so young and immature but now, we are proud of the woman you’ve become. May your year be filled with fun, happiness and lots of laughter.
  • Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. You are very precious to us, and we hope you know what you mean everything to us.
  • We are very grateful to God because we have the privilege to up-bring such a divine child. Happy birthday to my pretty angel.
  • You are the reason that our lives are filled with so much joy and positivism. Happy birthday, baby. You are adorable.
  • Playing with you is our best stress-buster. You are so lovely and adorable. Happiest birthday, sweetheart!
  • We love handling your mood swings and your anger. We love your forehead kisses and hugs. We love everything about you. Happy birthday to our dearest daughter.
  • Your sparkling eyes, your chubby cheeks, and your dazzling smile make my life’s every moment worth cherishing. Many many happy returns of the day!
  • You are the rainbow that has colored our black and white lives with beautiful colors. Happy birthday to you, love.
  • May God fill your day and the upcoming year with great thrills and adventures. Happiest birthday, sweetie!
  • Happy birthday. This day is unforgettable for all of us because today a beautiful fairy entered our lives and made it magical.
birthday wishesf for daughter in law
  • We are blessed to be parents of such a lovely girl with so many good values. Happy birthday, baby. Our blessings are always with you.
  • No other girl could love us more. We are extremely lucky that we got you as our daughter. Happy birthday, sweetie pie!
  • You are adorable in every single way, love. Wishing you a great birthday. Lots and lots of love.
  • I’m glad that you are so understanding at such a young age. You are pretty, cute and amazing. Happy birthday, darling.
  • Happiest birthday, my love. May you become and better and stronger person. God bless!
  • May this day mark only the beginning of a fun-filled year. Happy Birthday to you.
  • May you get lots of love and blessings on your special day. Many many happy returns of the day, my queen.
  • Thank you for putting smiles on our faces even in the most difficult times. Happy birthday, kiddo!
  • Seeing your beautiful face takes away all my life’s problems and sadness. Happy birthday. May God always keep you happy.
  • Being with you makes my every day as special as new year’s eve. Happy birth anniversary, dear.
  • What would my world be without you? You are my happiness, sweetheart. Happy birthday. Stay happy always!
  • You’ve kept us happy even when you were not happy. You are such a great daughter, love. Happiest birthday. I love you!
  • You made our family the happiest family on earth, and that is why we love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, my barbie doll!
  • Happiest birthday, cupcake. You are the most precious blessing for us.
  • Your laughter makes us forget everything else in this world. You are a treasure for us. Happiest birthday, queen!
  • Today my favorite day of the year. Today is the birth anniversary of my lovely daughter. Happy birth anniversary, dear. Party hard!
  • This day is yours, baby. Enjoy this day as much as you can. Happy Birthday, my beautiful child

Birthday Greetings for Daughter in Law

happy birthday daughter in law images
  • Happy Birthday, dearest daughter-in-law! Honestly, there is no need for the “in-law” part. You’re our daughter only.
  • Happy Birthday to our daughter-in-law. Thanks for choosing us as your family.
  • Happy Birthday to the most amazing mother, wife, and daughter-in-law in the world.
  • Happy Birthday, dear! Wishing you a day full of blessings and everything you wish for. You do your every job excellently!
  • It’s really sad that there is no Daughter-in-Law Day, but we’ll make you feel extra special today! Happiest birthday to the strongest woman.
  • Happy Birthday, darling! Actually, I know my son could never get a wife better than you! You are amazing, my dear.
  • I am really thankful to God because he sent you to this world and made my daughter-in-law. Happiest birthday, kid. You make our world complete.
  • Because it is your day today, I give you all the permissions to let your husband do all your work. Wishing you an exciting birthday, dear.
happy birthday daughter in law
  • Happy birth anniversary! We are very proud to have such a strong woman like you in our family. Love you!
  • We thought no one could tolerate our son except us but you proved us wrong. Happy birthday to our cute daughter-in-law!
  • You are a very cute, sweet and kind woman. Happy birthday!
  • We always loved you as a daughter, not a daughter-in-law. Happy birthday to our queen.
  • Your husband is very lucky because he got the prettiest wife in the world. You two look the best together. Wishing you an incredible birthday!
  • You are my favorite in our family. Thank you for everything you do for us, sweetheart. Happy birthday!
  • Hey, happy birthday! I still cannot believe how we got such an amazing daughter-in-law like you!
  • May your all dreams come true and our son will help you in this for sure. Happy birthday, my cupcake!
  • Your presence has made our world so much more beautiful. Happy birthday. You are our sunshine!
  • I know you have given your everything to our family and we thank you from all our hearts, dear. Happy birthday. God bless you!
  • You make us feel blessed every day. We are wishing you an unforgettable birthday!
happy birthday future daughter in law
  • Happy birthday, my lovely daughter-in-law! Hoping a fabulous day following a prosperous year ahead!
  • Thank you for the unconditional love that you give not only to our son but also to us. Happiest birthday, sweetheart!
  • Happy birthday. We have brought your favorite cake and so many gifts for you. You are damn special to us daughter-in-law.
  • Happy birthday to the queen of our house. We love your jolly and cheerful nature. Have an excellent birthday!
  • I’m very thankful that my son got such an adorable life partner. Happy birthday.
  • To the most fantastic daughter-in-law, happy birthday. Wishing you an year filled with everything you want!
  • With your charm, you’ve lightened up the world. Thank you for everything, dear. Many many happy returns of the day. Lots and lots of love to you.
  • Dear daughter in law, I want to let you know that we love you more than our son and he also knows this! Happy birthday!
  • Many congratulations, dear! May God make you the happiest woman! Happy birthday. Enjoy your day!
  • I didn’t have any daughter but God fulfilled my wish by sending you! You made this family a lot happier than before! Happy birth anniversary!
  • You’re an adorable woman with a pure heart. May God make you my daughter and not daughter-in-law in the next life. Happy birthday, darling!

Birthday Wishes for Married Daughter

happy birthday to my beautiful daughter quotes
  • You came into our lives when we needed you the most and made it magical. We love you, princess. Happiest birthday!
  • Today is the day when I took my little angel in my arms for the first times and now, my angel has also become a mom. Happy birthday, lovely!
  • I loved those days when you used to sit in my lap and hear lullaby from me. I never wanted you to grow up but today, I am proud that you have transformed into such an amazing woman. Happy birthday, my cutest lady.
  • Time just flies away so quickly. It seems like yesterday when I used to send you school and today you are sending your children to school. Happy birthday to our prettiest daughter. May you achieve a lot!
  • The most meaningful part of our lives was being parents of such an amazing girl like you. Thanks for being our child. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • I know you have faced a lot of challenges in life and you’ll face a lot more in the upcoming years too. But you are a warrior, I know you’ll win against everything. Happiest birthday, my cupcake.
  • Undoubtedly, you are the best daughter, wife, and mother in the world. Happy birthday, sweetie pie.
  • Happy birthday, beautiful. We know we do not often express our love for you. But now, we want to thank you for everything you have done so selflessly for us and we want to tell you that you mean the world to us.
  • You are our shoulder to cry and also to lean on. You are very precious to us, baby. Happiest birthday to you.
emotional birthday wishes for daughter
  • You are married for 2 years now but our house still looks empty without you. Sending you our blessings and lots and lots of love. Happy birthday to our dearest daughter.
  • I know I have disappointed you a million times but I never did anything intentionally, my love. Happy birthday. Come soon, I miss you!
  • Every year on this day, our hearts get filled with so many sweet memories of yours. Many many happy returns of the day, cupcake.
  • If everyone had a daughter like you, the world would have become a happy place. Happy birthday, darling!
  • Thank you for being our constant support, darling. Happy birth anniversary to you.
  • I know I have messed up a lot of times as a mother but you are the best daughter one can ever have. You are truly a blessing. Happy birthday, my lovely child.
  • Happiest birthday, girl! When I see you teaching your children to respect and help others, I feel damn proud.
  • You were a very determined and sincere child since childhood. You can achieve any goal in life, baby. Happiest birthday. You made us proud so many times.
  • Today is the day of the biggest celebration of the year. Happy birthday, precious. Stay blessed and take care!
  • You were always our princess and finally, you are settled with your prince charming. Happy birthday, darling. Celebrate your day with him!
  • You are the most energetic person we have ever seen. You always made our mornings so cheerful. Happy birthday, queen!
  • Happy birthday to our diva. May God bless you with everything you want. We love you with all our hearts.
happy birthday daughter funny
  • We never got worried because of you in our lives, you were such a wonderful kid and you still are. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • It’s still hard to believe you are married. It’s your first birthday away from us. Happy birthday, princess. Keep growing!
  • Don’t eat all the cake alone, like you used to do here! Happy birthday to our naughty angel.
  • Hey, kiddo! Wishing you a fantastic birthday. Today you can party hard and stay up late too!
  • Happiest birthday, beautiful. I hope you have stolen the hearts of all your family members like as you stole ours.
  • Hey chatterbox, happy birthday! Today no one will stop you from talking. Enjoy!
  • My heartfelt wishes and blessings to my wonderful daughter. I love you, baby!
  • You are the rainbow who made our lives so pretty and colorful. Happiest birthday, my lucky charm!
  • It doesn’t matter if you are this far from us, our blessings and love are always with you. Happy birthday, baby. Stay happy and keep smiling!

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