300+ Best Happy Valentines Day Wishes, Messages and Images

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Love is a very special and unique feeling. One can’t understand the meaning of love until he doesn’t fall in love himself. Love gives you a different perspective, it teaches you about self-love, about sacrifice and tells you how one person can matter more than the world to you. You might be confessing your love to your special one daily but on Valentine’s day, you need to make your partner feel extra special.

This article will give you the most sincere, genuine and happy valentines day wishes you can send to your loved ones. The valentines day is one of the most romantic and sweetest days of the year.

That’s why we have here a huge collection of lovely Valentine’s day wishes! Let’s have a look!

Sweet Valentine’s Day Wishes

valentines wishes
  • Love to me is finding presence in your absence, everywhere, even in my sleep. Happy Valentine’s day, love!
  • Thank you for offering me the love that heals! Happy Valentine’s day, baby.
valentine thought for husband
  • Happy Valentine’s day! I love you because you understand the depth of my words even if I don’t utter a single word.
  • Your hugs have the magic to calm all my storms into peace. I know I can never give you back even 1% of what you give me every day. You are stupid and annoying but you are worth all the trouble. Happy Valentine’s day.
valentine wishes for boyfriend
  • There was so much inside me, that I wanted to share but not with these toxic people. Finally, I found a stupid yet cute being! When I was tired of this mess you came to me and brought calmness to my life. Happiest Valentine’s day, my cute princess.
  • Baby, wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day. I always expected a lot from you and you never disappointed me. It doesn’t matter how bruised and broken my heart was. In the end, you fixed everything. You are the one who ruined me by fulfilling my every desire.
valentine wishes for friends
  • I thought my life was hell but you made me happy with my own life. You to me are what Louis Braille is to blind people. Happiest Valentine’s day, babe.
  • Everyone pulled me down when I was going through thick but you, my love always supported me. You are the one who made me discover the goodness in myself. Happy Valentine’s day. I love you so much!
valentine wishes for girlfriend
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. I don’t allow people to come close to me but when I saw your innocent eyes, I surrendered. I have found calmness in your soul.
  • You are as close to me as my skin. Thank you for knowing my worst side and still staying! Happy Valentine’s day, beautiful. You made my life more meaningful.
valentine wishes for husband
  • You have hugged me with your understanding nature and you have kissed me with your trust. Happy Valentine’s day. I am blessed to have you, girl.
  • From two wandering souls to soulmates, the journey of love has been amazing. I was a floating soul in this sea called the world and you became my shore. Happiest Valentine’s day, dear.
valentine wishes for wife
  • There is an enchanting enigma in your love that calms the demon in me. Happy Valentine’s day. You made me trust humans again. You are my guarding angel. You are so genuine, no lies, no games.
  • Happy Valentine’s day, baby. Whenever I am in a bad mood I call you and you make it your mission to make me smile again. I want you to put your head on my chest and I want to play with your hair.
wish you a happy valentines day
  • I just went through all your childhood pictures and then I realized that you are cute since your childhood. Thank you for caring even about silly things related to me. Happy Valentine’s day, my cutie pie!

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Him

a valentines day wish
  • Your voice touches my heart like a cool breeze. I love you, baby. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • Happiest Valentine’s day, baby. I love you the most. You have colored my mind, body, soul, and life with beautiful colors of love. I promise to hold your hand forever.
be my valentine
  • I don’t know the exact words to express my love that’s why I am assuming my hug’ll be enough to make you understand how deeply I am in love with you. I love you so much, baby. Tight hug! Happy Valentine’s day to you!
  • I know you since childhood but you are still unpredictable a lot of times. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart! You stole me without my knowledge. Your glimpses still give me goosebumps.
cute valentines day wishes
  • Happiest Valentine’s day. Neither my eyes get satisfied nor my heart gets fulfilled however much I look at you. Your fragrance makes my soul aromatic. You are crazy to my calm. I can’t do without you.
  • Every road of my destiny leads to only you, my love. Nothing is more adorable than your alluring smile. You have healed even my unseen scars. You can’t be any less than a fairy. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.
happy valentines day best friend
  • Happy Valentine’s day. I am grateful to you for embracing my flaws and loving me this much. I have never seen a person as loyal, trustworthy and real as you. Your eyes are the only ocean where I want to get drowned.
  • I was arrested by your eyes and prisoned by your heart forever. My world without you is a deadly place. I want you outright. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s day, my handsome.
happy valentines day wishes
  • You are an angel with a heart of gold and a divine soul. You are a dream that I want to see every day, continuously! Like a magician, you always appear whenever I need you. Happy valentine’s day, babe.
  • There are a lot of people who made me feel ‘needed’ but you, my love, made me feel ‘wanted’. Happiest Valentine’s day. Thank you for understanding the chaos in my heart. You are mine, forever!
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  • You are the sweet thought that keeps me awake even at midnight. Thank you for showering me with your love. You gave me the kind of life that I only used to dream of! Happiest Valentine’s day, baby.
  • Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day, my handsome. I am grateful to you for embracing my flaws and loving me this much. I have never seen a person as loyal, trustworthy and real as you. Your eyes are the only ocean where I want to get drowned.
have a very happy valentines day
  • I was arrested by your eyes and prisoned by your heart forever. My world without you is a deadly place. I want you outright. I love you so much, my handsome.
  • You are like sun to me, miles away yet never forgets to brighten up my soul and bring me hope. I wish to relive the beautiful moments of life just with you. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day.
i love you be my valentine
  • They say miracles do happen. Yes, the day I met you was a miracle for me. Your body is not my weakness but your sweet nature is. Thank you for putting all my pieces together. Happy Valentine’s day, cutie pie!

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Her

i love you my husband valentine message
  • I thought I was broken beyond repair but your love proved me wrong. You are the only person who didn’t turn a blind eye to my sufferings. You healed me when your own wounds were bleeding. Happy Valentine’s day, princess.
  • If you look closely, the smile on my face isn’t the same. It has become a lot prettier and it is just because of you, my love. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day. You listened to the things which I never said. Thank you for being so understanding.
romantic valentine wishes for husband
  • The closest I have been to heaven in your lap, baby. Thank you for breaking down the walls that I had built around myself. You made me better. Happiest Valentine’s day to you, sweetheart.
  • I wanted to tell you that you are a big part of my small world. I am always drawn towards you like a magnet. Stop being so attractive! Happy Valentine’s day to my angel.
valentine day best wishes
  • Happy Valentine’s day, baby. You have taught me how to appreciate everything. It is time to appreciate you, my baby. Your love for me is selfless like the rain that nurtures the flowers as well as the thorns together.
  • Thank you for helping me overcome my anxiousness. Every time when I feel low, I receive an unexpected call from you that puts a smile on my face. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day, my sweetie pie.
valentine day messages love
  • There was a time when I was completely lost and lonely and then God gave me you. You might not be physically present but you were always there when I was on the verge of any emotional breakdown. Happy Valentine’s day, my queen.
  • I have witnessed the moments of your insane courage. Happy Valentine’s day. You are the fuel to my growth process. Thank you for celebrating even my small personal victories, the victories others don’t even have a clue about.
valentine day wishes and images
  • After talking to you I realized that we inhabit similar inner worlds. I am glad we met. I share a safe and honest space with you, baby. A space that belongs to only us. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.
  • With you I know, there are no expectations to be broken. Whenever I am talking to you, it brings me a strange kind of peace and I love that. I love you, baby! Happiest Valentine’s day to you sweetheart.
valentine day wishes card
  • Happy Valentine’s day, baby. You are someone who can never drift away from my thoughts! It is really scary for me to open up to people but you, darling made everything easy for me!
  • I know I am far from you but even after that, I have seen you not only growing but evolving, sweetie. You have learned a lot of things alone and I am proud of you for that. This distance can never affect our bond, baby. Happiest Valentine’s day to you.
valentine day wishes for everyone
  • Hey, sweetie! Happy Valentine’s day. You are capable of enduring the storms, my warrior. Even your mention make my eyes sparkle.
  • Before meeting you, I was a broken soul but after meeting you it felt like all my broken pieces got stitched together. You know not only my dark secrets but also the ways to make me smile. Happy Valentine’s day, my cupcake.
valentine day wishes for lover
  • Your eyes are the only black-holes I am ready to fall in! It is really wonderful to have such a quick-witted lady like you around me. Looking forward to more astonishing moments with you! Happiest Valentine’s day to you.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Wishes

valentine day wishes hd images
  • Everyone advised me to avoid maintaining eye contact with you because your eyes were deep enough to make anyone get lost in them. But no one told me about your smile and when I looked at it, my stone-like heart just melted. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • Growing up becomes easier when you are surrounded by people who actually care to put a smile on your face. Happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart. You should feel blessed to have me. The fact that I own you, keeps me happy in my bad times.
valentine day wishes status
  • You are too valuable to wait around for someone who needs a constant reminder of your worth every now and then. You are extremely precious, love. Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart!
  • You make my ego melt and my heart filled with words and feelings, I never knew existed. Your smile is like a half-moon. Half yet full enough to complete my night sky. Happiest Valentine’s day to you.
valentine day wish for one sided love
  • A very happy Valentine’s day to you. People lose sleep when in love but I got mine back like a relief and an assurance that everything will fall back into place. You came with a handful of stars and stole my heart made of sky.
  • Your voice, like the first rain of the year, blossoms every flower in me. A lot of people made me smile but you gave me a joy I could not control. You taught me to laugh my heart out. Happiest Valentine’s day, baby.
valentine images for him
  • Who else would have calmed down my storms better than the person who grew up tackling them? You made me realize that I was a bird who belonged to the whole sky and that’s why you set me free. But birds do return to the people and places they love and its time for me to return to you, baby. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day. Laying my head on your chest always felt cozier than my pillow, love. Being with you blows all my worries away. You painted a rainbow in my grey sky with the colors I didn’t know existed.
valentine message for new boyfriend
  • From the days when I used to run with the tears in my eyes to the days I run with a smile on my face to fall in your arms, you always stayed with me. I love you so much. Happiest Valentine’s day, my handsome.
  • When this world tried to make me fall you taught me to fly. Your smile is brighter than the sunrise in my city and it gradually conquers my darkness with every streak. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.
valentine messages for boyfriend
  • Happy Valentine’s day. You always turn my gloomy days into laughter and storms in my life to rainbows. You made me realize that no one else other than you were mature enough to hold on to my love.
  • When the older attachments started hurting me, your love made me forget everything else. You became my shelter when I was lost and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day, cutie pie.
valentine messages for classmates
  • Your smile may be fragile, but not your heart. I know you, baby. You are the strongest. Happy Valentine’s day! You are the reason I can believe in love, the reason I can forgive, the reason I can feel again.
  • You were hard to love only for those who found walking away easier. Loving you is the easiest thing for me, darling. You are the only drug I want to consume and that too without sharing! Happiest Valentines day.
valentine messages for family
  • Loving you is a lot easier than loving me and it’ll always be like this only! Your love has taken me to places where my toes were afraid to go. The smile of your heart stole my soul. Happy Valentine’s day to you!

Cute and Short Valentine’s Day Wishes

valentine messages for family and friends
  • In this life, I was surviving without you but you taught me how to live. My thoughts drift faster to you than anywhere else. There is no greater adventure than being in love with a stupid like you! Happiest Valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart. You are an unexpected blessing to me. The way your heart speaks to mine is the thing I love the most about our bond. God took his time on you, you are proof that his best work is a woman. Love you, baby.
valentine messages for friends
  • Your worth is priceless. Your love has always felt like flying without wings. You are someone who encouraged my hands to tear apart my shield of fear, piece by piece. Happy Valentine’s day, my baby.
  • You are not an angel because you are perfect but you are my angel because you have made my life heaven. You are a queen that can rule with or without me. You are very strong. Happiest Valentine’s day my love.
valentine messages for girlfriend
  • Loving you has given my heart, wings to fly. A very happy Valentine’s day, darling. Your love has filled my heart with reasons to explore parts of love I never knew I would find. You proved that true love comes not with pain but with healing powers.
  • You gave my heart a voice to speak about the beautiful things it was scared to experience. You made me learn the difference between love and being emotionally attached to someone. Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day.
valentine messages for her
  • When I look at you I see your eyes flooded with gratitude. What else can I wish for? You are the sunshine in my nights, darling. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Happiest Valentine’s day, sweetie pie. When everyone proved that they can give me nothing more than promises, you came and gave me love! I never knew my worth but one day I found my worth in your eyes!
valentine messages for husband
  • When the world believed that I have a rock-like heart, you reminded me that there is gentleness somewhere in me. Even your voice makes me feel secure and valued. Your love came to my life like flood and washed away all my disappointments. Happy Valentine’s day to my soul mate.
  • You have convinced me with your efforts and loved me with your heart. You have loved the parts of me, that were not easy to love. You are the masterpiece in this museum called life. Happiest Valentine’s day, angel.
valentine messages for kids
  • You deserve the love that you keep trying to give everyone else, darling. A very happy Valentine’s day, baby. You are my poetry book. I want to read your every page. You are my vacation from this toxic world.
  • Your presence is my escape. I’ll give you the love that they promised but never delivered. I don’t want to play with your heart instead I want to play the love songs of my heart to you until death turns off our ears. Happy Valentine’s day.
valentine quotes for husband
  • Happiest Valentine’s day. Before you, love felt like gibberish, spoken by people of the foreign land. But now it has become a native language! Meet me soon so that I can hold you in my arms! I love you.
  • I remember the moments you made me feel loved more than the times you said I love you. You made me loved a million times. Thank you for reminding me that the growth should always be the destination. Happy Valentine’s day, my love.
valentines day advance wishes
  • You do all the things that have made me crazy for you. Happy Valentine’s day. Your hands are made just to cup my face, baby. Your love is the sweetest honey that has ever met my lips. Come to me as soon as you can!

Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Wishes

valentines day greeting card
  • Happy Valentine’s day, princess. Your heart is the home where faithfulness paints the walls. My heart was shattered before meeting you but it seems like you enjoy working on puzzles with many pieces. That broken heart of mine just needed a reminder to become whole from you.
  • You are a great catch fallen directly from heaven for me. You are my asymptotic love! I can never find another you. You are damn precious. I love you the most, my baby. Happiest Valentine’s day.
valentines day friendship quotes
  • Our love just can’t be misinterpreted because when it is real, it is hard to wonder about! There’s a knot in my stomach when I see you and you always take my breath away in every way! Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine’s day, darling. My love for you can be spoken in any and every language this universe has known. Your body is my home and I find comfort nowhere else. My eyes wait only to see your name on the screen of my phone, love.
valentines day greeting card quotes
  • Nobody can take away the glow that burns from the core of your beautiful soul, girl. You love me so much that the opinions of others have stopped bothering me. A very happy Valentine’s day, sweetie pie.
  • Whenever I am there in your arms, I don’t know how the time flies so soon. Your smile is the purest thing I have ever seen. I love you so much. Tight hug! Your hug feels like home. Happy Valentine’s day, sunshine.
valentines day quotes for friends and family
  • I am tired of reliving those wonderful moments that I spent with you. Get up and be ready, I am coming to see you. Let’s go on a long drive and eat your favorite food. Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine’s day. Not only my body but my soul also loves you deeply. I was an impatient fireball and you made me a super-chill human. There is a voice in my head, that keeps reminding me about you. And, I love it!
valentines day quotes for wife
  • I followed my heart and ended up with an angel like you. Thank you for making me respect myself more. You are like a camera to me. Whenever I see you, I automatically smile!Happiest Valentine’s day!
  • Your importance changed for me from a need to a habit. There was something broken that you healed completely. Now, it beats only for you. Loving you as much as you love me is just like reaching for the stars with a jump. Still, I love you! Happy Valentine’s day to you.
valentines day wishes after breakup
  • I was a broken soul and you made me believe that broken can be beautiful. I wonder in how many ways one can be loved because you have already loved me in a million ways! It’s you who built a strong woman from a crazy, coward girl. I love you, handsome. Happy Valentine’s day, sweetie pie.
  • I was hard to be loved but you did it. Even the constant sky changes its color but you are still the same. My soul always craved to be free and it found freedom in you. I fall a little deeper for you after every fight. Happiest Valentine’s day, baby.
valentines day wishes and pictures
  • I care for you a million times more than I show, monkey. With you, I have conversations that stir my soul. You were a luxury nobody else could afford. I am moving away from every single problem of my life. I am moving toward you. Happy Valentine’s day, my monkey.
  • A very happy Valentine’s day. Stay grounded like you are right now but never forget you were born to fly. You burn your soul to make my dark times disappear. I was always unhappy with myself but you made me believe that I was good enough since the beginning.
valentines day wishes and quotes
  • I was a burning sun, you transformed me into a smiling moon. I thought everyone was covered in glittering lies but them I met a true soul like you! You are no less than magic. Happy Valentine’s day.

Evergreen Valentine’s Day Wishes

valentines day wishes daughter
  • Your smile is brighter than the moonlight, dear. For me, you are a synonym to unconditional love. Happiest Valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart. You are like an ocean, your eyes, a deep blue sea, your laughter is like the sound of waves and your anger, tsunami. I love you.
valentines day wishes for daughter and son in law
  • Kissing my silence you unveiled the darkest secrets of my life. You are to me like a drop of water that quenches the thirst of barren land. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Happiest Valentine’s day to you. Whenever I am clueless I run into your arms because that feels like home. I love you, sweetie pie.
valentines day wishes for daughter in law
  • I seek your lullaby to chase away my worst memories. Your voice is so soothing, sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s day, baby.
  • Thank you for graciously listening whenever I poured my heart out. You made me believe in my inner ability. Happy Valentine’s day, my sunshine.
valentines day wishes for employees
  • Happy Valentine’s day to you. The more I try to unlearn your love, the more I end up learning it. Thank you for always loving me while keeping your ego aside.
  • I love you, darling. When you hold me in your arms all of our stars come together to form our own galaxy. Happiest Valentine’s day, baby.
valentines day wishes for ex boyfriend
  • If I am able to see the stars in daylight, its only because of you. The day you reminded me of my worth, all of my broken pieces felt lighter, baby. Happy Valentine’s day to my cupcake.
  • A very happy Valentine’s day, cutie pie. Embracing you is my favorite thing to do. To me, you are beyond the magic of stars. You are my universe.
valentines day wishes for ex girlfriend
  • Darling, you have created a home in my soul that always awaits your presence. I might not be owning the rainbow but your colors are forever mine. Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day, love.
  • Baby, you hold me in such high honor, I respect myself more in your eyes. You give me reasons to believe in myself. Happiest Valentine’s day, beautiful.
valentines day wishes for fiance
  • I have seen all my chaos resting at ease in your eyes! I never knew I needed you until I found you. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Happiest Valentine’s day, darling. When I rest my head on your shoulder I feel my heart becoming a little lighter. You turned my tears into smiles.
valentines day wishes for wife
  • You are a perfect blend of before-rain eagerness and after-rain calm. I love you, beautiful. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

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