80+ Heart Touching Romantic Birthday Messages and Wishes

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The creation of the world is due to the power of love and it is the only thing that will be prevailing until its very end. Love is far more than just an emotion. It is deep, profound and divine. Most of our closest relationships are weaved through the thread of love. One that is too strong to break easily.

Birthdays certainly are very special. They offer you to perfect time to express your feelings, and most importantly your love for your dear ones. Here you can find Romantic Birthday Wishes for your loved ones, for your significant others. Whether you are a fiance or a, a husband or a wife, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you will find the most amazing birthday wishes for your partner, right here!

Words are truly powerful, and by using the right words you can hit the right chords to make your loved one feel super special on their special day! The following are the various different categories or sections for you to find your ideal birthday wishes that would please your partner, and make their birthday a little more special!

Best Romantic Birthday Wishes for Someone You Love

This section has the best romantic birthday wishes for your significant other. It has a mix of both types of birthday wishes, whether for him or her. These birthday messages are short, sweet, subtle yet romantic. You can send these wishes as a text message, the first thing on their birthday morning!

best romantic birthday wishes for someone you love


  • Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I love you to the moon and beyond! May you always keep shining like you always do!
  • I may not be the most handsome guy in the world. But you certainly are the most gorgeous woman in the universe! Love you, babe! Happy Birthday!
  • God was kind enough to send someone as precious as you to me. How lucky am I to have you in my life! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Your elegance and grace are out of this world! Happy Birthday, soul mate! May you always stay blessed!
  • All the amazing locations of the world on one hand, and your beauty on another! You are a living wonder! Happy Birthday, you beauty!
  • I can’t even believe I got so lucky to have someone like you as the love of my life! You are wonderful! Happy Birthday, Babe!
  • There is no word created in any language yet, that I could use to tell you how spectacular are! Happy Birthday, Queen!
romantic birthday cards for him images
  • Ever since my eyes got to see you, I have madly fallen in love with you! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
  • You came near me, smiled and took my breath away! Wishing you an immensely Happy Birthday, BAE!
  • I have lost my sleep ever since I have met you… I am so madly in love with you, that I can’t stop thinking about you! Happy Birthday to you, Stunner!
  • You are immensely classy and gorgeous… Words fall short to praise you! Happy Birthday, Honey!
  • You look even more pretty and mesmerizing when you are mad at me! Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Your sense of humour and charm never fail to impress me! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Your chivalry and generosity are my favourite things about you! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
  • You make every second worth living! Happy Birthday to you, my love!
happy birthday love pic
  • The best thing that has ever happened to me is you! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, love!
  • May you have the most splendid birthday this year! Sending you loads of love and good wishes!
  • Along with looking immensely beautiful, you have also been extremely caring, supportive, and understanding… Thank you so much for everything! Happy Birthday!
  • A celebration is not just about a day, but it is about your valuable presence in my life… Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, honey!
  • Words fall short to describe your amazingness! I am constantly delighted by your presence in my life! Happy Birthday!
  • People ask me the secret of my happiness… And the answer is nothing but you! Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I love you!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, lady luck! You are above and beyond any lucky charm in the world!
  • Your beauty is greater than the moon and shinier than the stars! Happy Birthday, Babe! Love you so much!
  • Happy Happy Birthday, Babe! You know what? You are the only person for whom I could give up anything and everything!
  • You are my most favourite human in the world, and there is no doubt about that! Happy Birthday to you!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Girlfriends are the most attention-seeking individuals on the face of the earth! Jokes apart, which girlfriend won’t appreciate a thoughtful piece of text sent to them on their birthday, by their partners? Your wish would be the most awaited one, and so it must be special enough to please her, right? Go ahead and find your favourite birthday message for your girlfriend!

romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend


  • Even the twinkling stars are nothing in front of your sparkling beauty! Happy Birthday, beautiful! Stay blessed!
  • I have seen the most scenic locations in the world, but nothing compares to your magnificence! Love you, sweetheart! Happy Birthday!
  • You are the reason for my happiness… I am constantly amazed by your mesmerizing self! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I can’t seem to enjoy anything without your company… I love you!
  • Every romantic song I get to listen to, makes me drown in thoughts about you… Happy Birthday, my princess!
  • Good morning, honey! Sending you the most special wishes on your birthday! May God bless you abundantly!
  • You are the prettiest girl in the world! What have I done to deserve you! Happy Birthday, Angel! Love you!
romantic birthday cards for her images
  • You are like a pearl upon the ocean, shining bright in the setting sun! I love you! Happy Birthday!
  • This is the first time in life I’m experiencing what it means to can’t get someone off your mind… Happy Birthday, love!
  • Happy Birthday, dear! Whenever you come in front of me, I sense music playing in the background! I don’t know whether this is my imagination or your magical aura!
  • I have been drawn towards your magnificence like a magnet ever since I first saw you… Happy Birthday, Stunner! Love you loads!
  • God has been gracious to bless me with you… I am no one’s but yours! Happy Birthday, Prettiness!
  • Happiness is watching you laugh wholeheartedly… The voice of your laughter is my most favourite sound in the world! Happy Birthday, my love! Have a great year!
  • Among billions of people, finding your soul mate is a matter of fortune… I am so fortunate that I could find you! Happy Birthday, Babe! I love you!
romantic birthday love quotes for her
  • You came into my life like an angel… Magically making every area of my life blissful! Happy Birthday, honey!
  • Blessed are those who meet the love of their lives so early on in life… And I certainly am among them! Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Love you!
  • You are the most wonderful girl I have ever seen! I am glad to be your boyfriend! Happy Birthday, honey!
  • You have such a big heart… I have never seen any girl as generous as you! Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Your energy and liveliness are just out of this world! Happy Birthday, sweetie!
happy birthday to you love
  • I am your biggest fan in this entire world! Love you, honey! Happy Birthday!
  • There is a unique spark in your eyes… One that just cannot be described! Happy Birthday!
  • I would make the land like the sky, adorning it with stars, if you ask me to… Happy Birthday, darling!
  • If there was ever a scale to measure love, it would break into pieces while trying to measure my love for you… Because my love for you is beyond measure! Happy Birthday, honey!
  • Whenever you find myself smiling without anyone around me, just know that I am thinking about you! Happy Birthday!
  • You are as gentle as moonlight and as calming as a moonlit sky! Happy Birthday, my love!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Boyfriends are not really too concerned about the number of words that are said to them. They, in fact, appreciate little things more than girls can ever do! A perfect birthday message expressing your heartfelt feelings for him will certainly make him happy on his birthday!

romantic birthday messages for him


  • God has been too gracious to gift me, you! You are my knight in shining armour! Happy Birthday, love!
  • I am blessed to have the most perfect partner in the world! Happy Birthday, Bae!
  • I have gone head over heels for you! Birthday wishes to my charming man!
  • The most wonderful thing about you is your ambitiousness! I love you for that! Happy Birthday!
  • I may not be the best girlfriend, but you certainly are the coolest boyfriend! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Happy Birthday, love! Do you know something? You are so much more amazing than you think you are! I wish you all the goodness in the world!
  • Who would think that there is a golden heart behind such killer looks! You are my everything! Happy Birthday!
  • I always take pride in introducing you as my boyfriend! Love you so much! Happy Birthday!
  • You are not just the most handsome guy I know, but also the most sarcastic one! I love you for who you are! Happy Birthday!
  • For me, you have always been the best of the best! I cannot even imagine my life without you! Happy Birthday, BAE!
  • Whenever I see you happy, I forget about the whole world! Happy Birthday, love!
romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend
  • Your honesty and sincerity make you stand out of the crowd! I am so glad to have a boyfriend like you! Happy Birthday, my love!
  • I have been swayed^^^ by your amazing looks and killer sense of style! Love you, babe! Happy Birthday!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, my superhero! You are a superhero not just because of your fabulous physique and strength, but also because you have such a pure heart!
  • I am elated about the fact that I have such a spectacular boyfriend! You are my everything! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, BAE! You are the reason for the most special relationship in my life! Love you loads!
  • The best fall I ever had in my life was when I fell in love with you! Happy Birthday, BAE! Have a great year!
  • To the most popular and charming guy in college, Happy Birthday!
i am blessed to have the most perfect partner in the world
  • There is a reason why all my friends are jealous of me… And that is you! To the best boyfriend in the world, Happy Birthday!
  • You speak less, but I understand your silence too; you don’t express yourself much, but I still know how you feel… If this is not a true connection, I really do not know what is! Happy Birthday, my love! You are worth so much more than you think you are!
  • If every guy had a heart like you, then every girl would be as blessed as I am… Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Love you!
  • You certainly are my lucky charm! I am blessed to have someone like you in my life! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Staying up late at nights, I used to dream about love… Until I finally found you! You are my dream come true! Happy Birthday!
  • You are such a pure-hearted person, that it is impossible to find someone like you! Happy Birthday, dear! Love you loads!
  • I love you more than I could ever express! Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Sending you hugs!

Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife

A caretaker, a supporter, confidant, a best friend, a life partner and what not! Wives are the reason all days seem wonderful. So when it’s finally her special day, you should appreciate and praise her with the romantic birthday wish ever! She will certainly love it!

romantic birthday messages for wife


  • I have lost my sleep since I’ve married you… Because I can’t stop staring at the sleeping beauty you are! Happy Birthday, Babe! Love you so much!
  • You are astonishingly beautiful, and I can’t get over your beauty! Happy Birthday, my Queen!
  • I really wish I was a poet… So I could express my thoughts about you in a far more beautiful way, through the symphony^^ of words! Happy Birthday, Honey! Love you!
  • I searched for the most beautiful flowers all around… Turns out none is prettier than you! Happy Birthday, love! You are amazing!
  • It’s been years since we have married each other, and I still find you exactly the same! Happy Birthday, the love of my life!
  • It is my absolute privilege to grow old with someone like you! You are the best! Happy Birthday, Honey!
  • My fortune turned its way to goodness since your arrival. I am glad I had the fortune of having you in my life! Happy Birthday, my lovely wife!
  • I may not be the best husband, but you undoubtedly are an amazing wife! Happy Birthday to you, dear wifey! Stay awesome!
happy birthday i love you baby
  • Your voice is like music to my ears… Happy Birthday, sweetheart! You are my most valued treasure!
  • You genuinely are a wonder woman! I applaud you! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Wifey! Love you!
  • Diamonds stand nowhere when compared to your twinkling eyes! You are magnificently wonderful! Happy Birthday to you!
  • Getting married to you was one of the best decisions of my life! You are so much more than just my wife! Happy Birthday, honey!
  • As soon as you came into my life, everything changed for the better! I don’t know what magic you sprinkle… But I love you way too much! Happy Birthday, my magician!
  • They say perfection is a myth… Had they met you, there would not be such a saying! Happy Birthday, my doll! You truly are perfection personified!
  • For me, beauty starts with you and ends with you… You are unbelievably amazing! Love you so much, babe! Happy Birthday!
  • I believe that you are the reason the word pretty got created in the first place… You are so pretty inside and out! I am lucky to have you as my wife! Happy Birthday!
  • They say you only live once… But having someone as inestimable as you by my side once is enough! Happy Birthday, honey! Love you!
  • You are the most beautiful, understanding, kind and empathetic woman! I love you so much! Happy Birthday, honey!
happy birthday wishes to my lover
  • Even if I order the most beautiful cake in the world, with the most pretty flowers, all of that would fall short against your magnificence! Happy Birthday, honey! Love you!
  • ‘Blissful’ – This is what my answer is when someone asks me how is life… And it’s all because of you! Happy Birthday, Honey! Love you!
  • I am so sure about a bright future, and that’s only because I have someone like you with me! Happy Birthday, honey! I love you!
  • Even if I say that there is no one as amazing as you in the entire universe… That would not do enough justice to praise you! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, honey! You are naturally so breathtakingly beautiful, that you don’t even need any make-up whatsoever!
  • No wonder all of your friends are jealous of you, you certainly are so mesmerizing! Happy Birthday, pretty woman!
  • Happy Birthday, wifey! I want to fulfil all of your wishes and desires… I love you so much!

Romantic Birthday Messages for Husband

Husbands are usually not much appreciated for the sacrifices they make to offer the best that they can. A special birthday message from a wife is a really nice way to express a wife’s love and gratitude for her husband. Here you will find the same, to do your bit in making his birthday all the more special!

romantic birthday messages for husband


  • You complete me. I cannot even imagine my life without you! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, sweetheart! God bless you!
  • No matter what goes wrong in my life, as long as you are by my side, everything will fall into place! Happy Birthday, honey!
  • I celebrate your existence every single day… Your birthday just happens to be the official day to do that! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Apart from being my constant companion through highs and lows, you have also been my biggest source of happiness… My love for you is unbounded! Happy Birthday, Honey!
  • There are kind people, and then there is you… The kindest of them all! Your heart is so pure, that I am blessed to have space in that purity! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Our journey together has been nothing short of wonderful! I am so glad to have you as my life partner! Happy Birthday, babe! Love you so much!
  • We surely do have a heart to heart connection… After all, how I else would we understand each other without even uttering words! Happy Birthday, love! Have a great year ahead!
  • To the most dapper gentleman in the world, Happy Birthday!
  • You are handsome, intelligent, stylish and kind… What else could I ask for! Happy Birthday, hubby!
  • Birthday greetings, love! You are the reason for my constant happiness!
  • I cannot control my heart anymore, it’s so madly in love with you! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, my love!
  • Wishing you a birthday as wonderfully awesome as you are! I am so blessed to have you as my husband!
  • Your determination to make things happen is out of the world! May you achieve all that you desire! Happy Birthday to you!
  • To the most charismatic and charming man in the world, Happy Birthday!
  • Even after so many years of getting married, you never fail to surprise me with your thoughtful gestures! Happy Birthday, Hubby!
birthday images for perfect partner
  • The day I got married to you was the best day of my life! I am incredibly blessed to have you as my beloved husband!
  • Happy Birthday, my better half! You are not just super handsome, but also incredibly talented!
  • They say finding the one you love is a matter of fortune… So how lucky am I to get to marry the one I love! Happiest birthday wishes, dear hubby!
  • I am incredibly blessed to have married the man of my dreams! Happy Birthday, love! May you live a thousand more years!
  • Your nature is as amazing as your physique! What a deadly combination! Happy Birthday, hubby! You are incredible!
  • Ours is truly a match made in heaven! I am so so fortunate to have you as my husband! Love you loads! Happy Birthday!
  • I love you beyond measure! Happy Birthday, BAE!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to the king of my heart! Love you till infinity and beyond!
  • To the best husband in the entire world, Happy Birthday!
  • You are my greatest blessing… I couldn’t have found someone other than you to be my life partner! Happy Birthday, Hubby! Love you too much!

Romantic Birthday Greetings for Fiance & Fiancee

One of the most wonderful times of life is the one post engagement. You can make your to be husband, or to be wife feel special on their birthdays through these well crafted romantic birthday messages! This section has a mix of both kinds; for the fiancé and the fiancée.

romantic birthday greetings for fiance


  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful fiancée! You are one in a million!
  • I consider myself to be extremely special because I am about to get married to the most fabulous guy in the world! Love you so much, birthday boy!
  • Happy Birthday, babe! Do you know something? I really wonder what will I ask the Genie, if I ever come across him… I have the most phenomenal girl as my to be wife already! What else can I ask for!
  • They say good guys don’t really exist… I am pretty sure all of them have not met you! Happy Birthday, babe! Have a great one!
  • This birthday, party hard and have a great time with your friends… After getting married on your next birthday, we will travel overseas! Make sure you make tons of memories this year as well!
  • Every single day, you make me fall for you! I am so glad that you are my to be husband! Happy Birthday to you!
  • No wonder why I cannot stop smiling… After all, it is the birthday of my most favourite human being in the world! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Every time I walk beside you, the world starts feeling like a paradise! Happy Birthday, my prince charming!
  • You are not just the most gorgeous girl, but also really very rare! I love you more than I can say; wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • Not everyone is lucky enough to get to marry their soul mate… I must have done some good deeds to have you as my to be life partner! Happy Birthday!
  • With your birthday today, we are getting closer to the date of our marriage. What I’m feeling is nearly indescribable… I just want you to know that you are the answer to my prayers… Love you!
  • God has been kind to make such a perfect pair like ours! The countdown is about to begin, birthday girl! Have a great birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, BAE! It’s time you celebrate your birthday and the most epic bachelors party as well!
  • Birthday greetings to the love of my life, and Mr Perfectionist!
  • Even the best poets in the world have failed to find the right words to describe someone as beautiful as you! Happy Birthday, honey! You truly are angelic!
  • Whenever you talk, I feel like you never stop, because it feels so good to listen to you speak! Sending you the warmest birthday greetings ever!
romantic birthday wishes for lovers
  • Your voice is so magical, that it is a matter of great fortune to get to listen to it every day! Happy Birthday!
  • You have the most stunning eyes in the whole universe, and I cannot stop admiring them ever! Happy Birthday to you!
  • Your poise and grace are extremely attractive, and you certainly are the most elegant girl I have ever seen! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to you!
  • Happy Birthday, handsome! You are certainly the most well-groomed guy I have ever come across!
  • All my dreams came to life on the day I met you… Sending you best wishes on your birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my dapper fiancé! Thank you for always making me feel incredibly special!
  • You make me laugh when I am upset, you praise me even if I don’t look my best, you look after me like you are meant to do that, and I cannot thank you enough for it all! Happy Birthday to you!
  • Even the shine of uncut real diamonds is nothing in front of your twinkling eyes! Happy Birthday, dear fiancée! Love you so much!
  • Your playful eyes, cheerful laughter, and gorgeous hair are the things I am never going to forget about… Happy Birthday, honey! Have a great birthday!

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