150+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Son [ HD Images and Messages ]

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Birthdays are always special. And what better way to begin a birthday celebration, than to send a heartwarming birthday text expressing your feelings for your child!

Sons are the rocks of the family. They’re huge support systems for parents. Always willing to take up responsibilities and work hard, day or night. Life seems to be smoother with sons alongside.

To make your son feel special, and express your feelings to him in the most beautiful ways, here you can find Amazing wishes  which you can use to wish a very Happy Birthday Wishes for Son.

You can find all sorts of different wishes: The Best B’day wishes, from Mom, from Dad, Funny ones, Emotional ones, and also Encouraging messages!

Best Birthday Wishes & Messages for Son

best birthday messages for son
  • With each year passing by, you’re growing older and getting wiser. And I couldn’t be happier to see this growth! Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Today is one of my most favourite days, as it’s your birthday! Greetings, hugs, and lots of blessings, Son!
  • On this fine day, I pray that you achieve all that you’ve ever dreamed of. Many many Happy Returns of the Day, Champ!
  • Goodness and positivity always surround you I pray, wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • Birthdays become all the more special when you celebrate them with the people who love you more than themselves. Wishing you all the goodness in the world. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • May you be blessed with the best, everyday! Wishing you an extremely Happy Birthday!
  • Love, peace and good health are the 3 things you need to live a fulfilling life. May you get showered with all of it, and a lot more! A very Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Couldn’t find words as awesome as you are, son. Just wishing you a Birthday filled with too much happiness!
  • You came into our lives just like a sunrise. Slowly, beautifully and making everything bright. May you always keep shining bright, son. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
happy birthday son images
  • Happy Birthday my little boy! May you sail through effortlessly in this journey of life. I wish you all the best for everything you ever do!
  • All my prayers were answered the day you were born. You’re my most valued treasure. Wishing you a beautiful birthday, with lots of love, hugs and kisses!
  • What do I bless you for, you’re already so perfect! May you always continue to be who you are, and keep making us proud. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • On your birthday today, I wish you get boundless success in every walk of life. A very Happy Birthday to you, Son! With love and blessings.
  • Hey, Happy Birthday!! May this year be filled with great things and wonderful times. I wish you all the luck!
  • Happy Birthday, Champ! May this birthday bring into your life peace, health and more of success!
  • You’re my favourite company, and I can’t wait to celebrate your Birthday today! Wishing you a Fun-Filled and Exciting Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday!! May god bless you with his choicest blessings, and a whole lot of success. Cheers!
happy birthday wishes to my son
  • Happy Birthday to you my dear son! May god bless you with all the goodness in the world. Love you!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Son! May you always stay blessed, and become your better version each day! Love love!
  • You’re too special, and your Birthday is one of my favourite days on the calendar. You deserve all good things in life. Wishing you a Fabulous Birthday!
  • We are so lucky to have you as our child, you’ve always made us proud of yourself. Keep being the awesomeness that you are. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Topper! I wish you all the best for your exams. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna ace them, this time as well!
  • Your hustle motivates me to become better each day. Sometimes I wonder what would I do without you! Thank you for being my rock. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Hello, Birthday Boy! I hope you’re all set for your day out tomorrow! I have huge surprises planned for your big day, be ready!
  • I’m grateful to god to have a son like you. You’re the driving force of my life. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday, my child!

Funny Birthday Messages for Son

Laughter is rightly called as the best medicine. Moreover, it’s free! And since Birthdays are meant to be spent Happily; here are some Funny Birthday messages for your son!

funny birthday messages for son


  • I may not tell this every day, but I love you a bit too much. Even more than I love your mom at times. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • The only birthday in this house which lets us party! Thank you for this wonderful break, son. Oh yes, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Thank you for finally teaching me how to use Facebook. Now that I can, send me some of our pictures so that I can post them on my wall. Hurry up, they should be up before your birthday ends!
  • Happy Happy Birthday, Son! I’m feeling as happy today as I feel when there’s Flat 70% off on my favourite clothing brand! Actually, a tad bit lesser.
  • I’m so glad that you finally found your passion and are working towards your dreams. It’s really profitable for my business. Thank goodness you didn’t join me at my work. Jokes apart, wishing you a Birthday as Awesome as your Art.
  • Happy Birthday, prankster! I hope you liked the pastry I had secretly kept in your laptop bag this morning.
  • What? You thought only you can prank? I’m your father after all. Wishing you a Great Birthday. The pastry’s waiting in the fridge.
  • Finally, this day is here. When I can finally try to bake this cake I’ve been watching on YouTube since weeks. I hope I make it well, and you love it! Happy Birthday, Son! God bless you.
  • It’s your 18th Birthday today, Son. High time you start being responsible. Parties are fine, but did you think about applying for that job yet?
happy birthday to you son
  • Hey, Happy Birthday! May you always be busy with work and earn a lot of money, that I can spend on all my shopping!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the Day! May this birthday bring you loads of success and prosperity. And also improves your fashion sense!
  • Happy Birthday, Champ! Wishing you good health, prosperity, and some cautiousness with your spending. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Now that you’re turning 18, I hope your fashion starts making at least some sense to me. Here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with more love, prosperity and better taste in clothing.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to use a smartphone. I’m so enjoying every moment. HBD. May you live a long and healthy life!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! This is probably your last birthday in this home without your wife. I hope you stay the same even after she comes into this family!
  • Happy Happy Birthday, love! I’m so happy today! As this is the only day in the entire year when you can’t refuse to have some sweet!
  • Happy Birthday, Partner! You’re just like my coffee, I can’t seem to work without having you around!
  • Happy Birthday, my child! I’m so excited today! More than your b’day, I’m excited about the fact that it’s the first time I’ve not forgotten about it!
  • I’m so happy that it’s your Birthday today! After all, it’s the one of those rare occasions when you dress well.
happy birthday you're the best son pictures with cake
  • Happy 18th Birthday, Son! Now that you’re an adult, you better start behaving like one. You can start with following all my orders today onwards.
  • I sometimes doubt whether you’re really my son, how can you be so quiet & well-behaved being my son! Anyway, I wish you a loud & exciting Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! May you be surrounded with better people this year. I really don’t appreciate your current friend circle.
  • Happy Birthday! I pray to god to bless you to always lead a healthy life, and reduce the use of that damned phone!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the day, Son! I hope at least today you get out of the cave you’ve made your room to be, and get some sunshine!
  • I was really counting days to your Birthday this time. I can’t wait to see you well groomed after finally getting a haircut done! Happy Birthday, my Hero!
  • Happy Birthday!! This year, I hope your maturity increases as fast as your height does!

Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

Mothers & Sons always share a beautiful bond. And Birthdays happen to be the best opportunities to express a mom’s feelings & appreciation for her son. Here are some Amazing Birthday wishes for Sons, from Mothers.

birthday wishes for son from mom


  • My love for you is as deep as the oceans. My care for you is infinite. I wish I could hold your hand in every step of the way. But now that you’ve grown up, I’ll have to let you fly. Wishing you the best of the best, every single day. A very Happy Birthday!
  • If there’s one person who makes me want to live for a 1000 more years, it’s you. You’re so special to me, that words can’t describe. Wishing you an Amazing Birthday, Son!
  • On this very day, 15 years back; life started making a lot more sense. Thank you, beta. I love you too much. Happy Birthday!
  • To my shopping companion, my confidant and my darling son, I’m so glad it’s your birthday today. May god shower upon you immense goodness. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • This very day gifted me the privilege of being a mother. No wonder why it’s my most favourite day ever. Happy Birthday, Son. Keep shining!
  • I’m already looking forward to night, when you’ll come back home and I’ll feed you your favourite Rajma Chawal with my own hands. Come soon, beta. Birthday wishes once again.
  • I feel honoured to be called as the mother of the gentleman that you are. You’ve always made me proud of yourself. I hope and pray that you continue to do so. Wishing you an Amazing Birthday, Son!
  • You’re the most handsome boy of our family. May your looks keep getting better, and your heart stays as beautiful as it already is. A very Happy Birthday to you!
birthday wishes from a mother to her son
  • I wish you all the goodness that has ever existed on the face of this earth. May you be guided by god at every step, and always be successful. Happy Birthday, apple of my eyes!
  • No amount of words would ever be enough to describe my feelings for you. You’re my treasure. And I celebrate you every single day. Today just happens to be the official day for a celebration. A very Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Since you were a little kid, I’ve been your fan. You’re a complete entertainer, and your dad’s replica. I love you do much, dear. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • Though I’ve taught hundreds of students as a teacher. You’ll always be my most favourite student. Now that you’re 18, good luck for the exams of life as well. Happy Birthday, Kiddo!
  • Your sincerity and patience is truly commendable. You are a role model for me despite being my son. May you achieve all that you’ve ever dreamed of. Wishing you a Magnificent Birthday, my love!
  • Your innocence is your biggest strength. Don’t ever try to let go of it. I love you just as you are! Happy Happy Birthday to you!
  • How I wish you had more home cooked food, than of those eateries out there. And you spent some more time with me, just like you do with your friends. I’d really love to bake you a cake today, if you’d like to taste. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, handsome!
happy birthday my handsome son
  • No matter how many disagreements we might have, my biggest concern will always be whether you had your food or not. I hope you have a Great Birthday celebration, have loads of fun at the party, but do make sure that you eat well.
  • Your morals and values inspire me to become my own better version, every single day. You’re my pride, son. I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Be the same gentleman, always.
  • You’re too young right now to understand the depth of my feelings for you. So I’ll just wish you a Happy Birthday, with lots of chocolates waiting under your pillow!
  • You’re the cutest kid in the entire world! And I love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday, my adorable little kiddo!
  • Your happiness is contagious, and your laughter is like therapy for us. May you always be happy, God Bless you. Wishing you an immensely Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the most intelligent, charming and good looking boy I’ve ever seen. You’re just too precious. Enjoy your day!
  • When you smile, I forget my troubles; when you sleep, I feel rested. This is how connected we are, dear. On your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world!
  • Whenever I see you, I thank god. I’m immensely grateful to lord for a son like you. You’re my happiness. I wish you a Great Birthday, enjoy!
  • I sure must’ve done some good deeds to have you as my child. I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Make the most of every moment!
  • Happy Birthday, Handsome! This year, may you find your ideal soul mate, who understands you as much as I do.

Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

Fathers are usually very inexpressive about their feelings for children. But a special text appreciation would mean a lot to their sons. The following are Birthday messages for Sons, from Dads.

birthday wishes for son from dad


  • No matter how old you get, you’ll always be our little son. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • Now that you’re a father yourself, I hope you finally understand how tough it gets to be so expressive. Still, I’m trying my best to do that. I really value, and respect you for who you are. And, Happy Birthday.
  • You’re not just my son, but one of my closest friends as well. May we continue to share the same bond this year and for years to come! Happy Birthday, Son!
  • With you by my side, there’s no space for fear. You’re my source of strength, son. Thank you for being who you are. Happy Birthday!
  • Having a son like you is already a blessing. What more could I ask lord, when I already have you with me. May you be blessed with the best, always. Happy Birthday, Partner!
  • You’ve always been generous in your thoughts, and gentle in your actions. Always be the same, my little man. I hope you have an Awesome Birthday!
  • It’s a matter of pride for me that you’ve always followed our principles and respected our traditions. You’re a royal in true sense. It is my pleasure to wish you a Great, Grand Birthday!
  • We’ve always shared a friendly bond, instead of a father-son relationship. And you know what? Ours is my most cherished friendship. Happy Birthday to you! Live your life to the fullest!
birthday quotes for son
  • You might think I’m a strict dad who looks forward to scolding or punishing you. But the truth is, all this has a whole lot of concern behind it. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you, that was never the intention. May you be prepared to face the challenges life will have. Wishing you a birthday filled with warmth, love and blessings.
  • All those times you’ve thought that I’ve been too hard on you, it was just to make you learn the right lessons. I’m glad that you’re now ready to face life with all the different tastes it has to offer. May you be successful in everything you do. Wishing you a Delightful Birthday!
  • The way you’ve always supported me, without even questioning for once. I so appreciate you for that. You’re my gold. I wish you a very Prosperous Birthday!
  • You’ve made me proud, and how! I couldn’t have asked lord for more. Happy Birthday, Son! Make the most of life!
  • I’m so happy it’s your 16th Birthday today! You’re gonna enter the most delightful phase of your life. Make the most of those college days, you’re gonna cherish them forever. Party hard with all your friends this birthday, enjoy!
  • If there’s one thing that makes me forget all my troubles, it’s your smile. Happy Birthday, kid! May you always be happy!
  • Happy Birthday, Champ! You’re the best gaming partner ever. Can’t wait for our next match!
  • Dear son, I’m so happy that it’s your birthday today. You’ve made my fatherhood delightful in every way. I wish you a very Joyful Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, kiddo! You know something? You’re an even better son than I am! And I couldn’t be more grateful. Enjoy your day!
happy birthday to my first born child
  • From a mischievous little brat, to a young & smart gentleman, how fast did you grow up! I can’t believe you’re 21 already. Wishing you a Great Birthday!
  • You’re not just my look-alike, but you actually think like me as well, what a killer combination. And what else could I ask for! Cheers to your Birthday!
  • Though I’m not as expressive as your mother, I do worry about you a lot. Please take good care of yourself. You’re our most valued treasure. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 21st Birthday, Champ! It’s hard to believe how fast you’re growing up. I still miss those days when we used to paint indoors, and play outdoors. Those were the days!
  • Though I may not be the most perfect dad, but you’re undoubtedly the most perfect son. Happy Birthday, handsome!
  • I would never be able to make our business reach such heights, without your valuable support and inputs. Good wishes for your Birthday, may you always keep Prospering!
  • Happy Birthday, Geek! Now that you’ve mastered the computers, you should finally learn to go out there and have some fun as well. It’s been too long since you’ve taken a break from work!
  • Having you as my son is my greatest honour. I’m too lucky to be blessed with the best. Wishing you an Amazing Birthday, my child!

Emotional Birthday Messages for Son

Many a time when we fail to express our emotions verbally, texts can always come in handy. These are Emotional Birthday Messages, especially for your Son.

heartfelt birthday wishes for son from father


  • If there’s someone who has been through so many hardships and still stood right up with a smile, it’s you. Happy Birthday, favourite human!
  • May our prayers shield you from every obstacle in your way. With lots of love and blessings, wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • What else could I gift you than the best of blessings. They’re all I have in my kitty. Happy Birthday, love. May god bless you!
  • Happy Birthday, beta. How I reminisce the old days, when you were a little kid playing all day long, chasing me, dancing with me and what not! Time really flies. Look, it’s your 21st birthday already. I wish I could just contain your childhood somehow.
  • After all these years, after you’ve grown up to be a man; I still find the same innocence in your eyes, that I used to see when you were a little kid. And I love you for that. Wishing you a Birthday as Fabulous as you are, son. God bless.
  • The way you’ve handled hardships and shouldered responsibilities with your father, I’m so thankful to god for a son like you. May you be showered with health, wealth, prosperity, and success in every walk of life. Happy Birthday.
  • I’m so happy that you are not afar this time. Because without you, everything seems so gray. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
  • I never used to believe in celebrating birthdays, until you were born. Because everything changed after that day. Life itself began to feel like a celebration. Happy Birthday, son. Make the most of the year!
birthday wishes for sons girlfriend
  • If I could ask for 3 wishes from the Genie, I would ask for your good health, happiness and success. Because that’s all I want. Wishing you a Happy Birthday with loads of blessings, my heart!
  • If there’s one person who has always been by my side, it’s you. With you, life seems worth cherishing. Thank you for being my greatest blessing. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • It happens to be one of those birthdays when you’re away from us. How I wish you could share some of your work with me.. Nevertheless, do take some time off and celebrate your big day. Wishing you a Great Birthday with lots of love!
  • No matter how old you get, for me you’ll always be my little boy. This day was the most special day of my life, 21 years back. Because it gifted me you, and the priceless privilege of being a mother. Happy Birthday, dear. Wishing you all the love.
  • You’ve always been my support system. I wouldn’t be able to get through difficult times without you by my side. I appreciate you more than I can express. Wishing you a Birthday as Amazing as you are!
  • I’m waiting for the day when all your hard work and sleepless nights show tremendous results. My blessings and prayers are always with you. Happy Birthday, Son; have a great one!
  • Though I may not say this often, but you’re the reason I sleep peacefully every night. I couldn’t have asked for a better son than you. You’re my pride, and I’m so happy that it’s your Birthday today. Enjoy your day!
  • Being our son, you’ve been like a backbone to the family. And I really appreciate you for that. May you get all things you desire, and always lead a happy, fulfilling life. A very Happy Birthday to you!
birthday wishes for son away from home
  • From holding hands to learn to walk, to now helping me walk through rough roads; you’ve grown up. And despite this, I never seem to stop caring about you. On this birthday, promise me to take care of yourself more than anything else in the world. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy Birthday, son!
  • Though I’ve been with you in most walks of life, I need you to understand that I’m not gonna be here forever. Learn to be independent, and confident. My blessings will always be with you. Happy Birthday, my son!
  • I couldn’t be more grateful to almighty, that you finally grew up! The way you’ve evolved over the past few months, it’s unbelievably good. I’m so proud of you my son! A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • You always put your needs aside to fulfil our wants. On your birthday this time, I’m asking you to listen to your heart for once. Learn to take care of yourself, too. Wishing you a Positive, Peaceful and Pleasant Birthday!
  • I still reminisce your childhood days, when you never could get away from me even for seconds. Those were amongst the most wonderful times of my life. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Son!
  • I can’t seem to hold back my tears, thinking about how beautiful our journey has been so far. Looking forward to sharing that same friendship and fondness, forever. Happy Birthday, Son. Love you, always.
  • If I could, I would never let go of your hand, and never stop protecting you from every little obstacle. I care about you more than words can ever say. May you always be safe within the shield of positivity. Birthday wishes to you. God bless.
  • It’s me who sees the tiredness behind your pretentious energetic self. It’s me who sees the pain behind your pretentious smile. I’m your mom, after all. On this birthday, promise to be honest with me, no matter what. Love and light to you.
  • Whenever you stop talking to me, every second seems like an hour. No matter what happens between us, please don’t do that to me. I wish you all the goodness in the world. And a very Happy Birthday.

Encouraging Birthday Wishes for Son

Words are powerful. And the right words of encouragement from parents can fuel the hustle of a child like nothing else! Here are various Encouraging Birthday messages for your Son!

encouraging birthday wishes for son


  • If there’s one thing I want you to know on your birthday, it’s this: You have everything you need to soar high in the sky and fly. Go, chase your dreams and make them a reality. Wishing you all the best, Champ!
  • On your birthday today, I want to gift you something special. And it’s my blessing for you, to go and pursue your dream! I know I’ve been reluctant, but it’s high time I let you follow your passion, and live your dream. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Nothing and no one can stop you from achieving your dreams, if you believe. May god bless you, and you shine on like the star you are. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Never let anyone convince you that you can’t do something. The key to a successful life is to believe. Happy Birthday, Son. Keep believing!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! May you achieve all your dreams. Because you have the power to make them your reality!
  • May your passion become your paycheck, and you get to fulfil all your dreams! A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • If there’s one person who is between you and your dreams, it’s the man in the mirror. Yes, you have the sole power to determine your life. Make the right choices. My Best Wishes for your Birthday!
  • Success is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process which requires consistency in thoughts, words, and actions. Maintain that sync, Son. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • There’s nothing wrong with doing what you love, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Go, follow your dreams and do what you love! Happy Birthday, my Hero!
  • 10 years down the line, you’ll either be regretting your laziness, or thanking your consistency. The choice is yours. Make it count. Happy Birthday!
  • No matter how dark the path may seem to be, you’ll always find light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Birthday, Son! Just keep moving forward!
  • On your birthday today, I want you to know one thing. And it’s that nothing is impossible. If you have a firm belief, nothing can stop it from coming to you. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, dear. It’s a delight to watch you come so far. I know you are meant to do big things. All the very Best for your Future!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the Day! I wish you all the goodness in the world. May you live a long, healthy life and become Immensely Successful in Everything you do!
  • You are our shining star, Big Man! Looking forward to your great endeavours and a prosperous life. Happy Birthday!
  • Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude, and the willingness to hustle! Wishing you a Great Birthday!
heartfelt birthday wishes for son
  • Happy Birthday, Mate! No matter how much you grow up, you’ll always be our little boy. If you ever feel lost, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always here for you.
  • I’ve watched you grow every day; not just in age & height, but also in your thinking and values. I’m proud of the person you’re becoming. May you keep soaring higher. Happy Birthday!
  • If you are positive in your thoughts, and honest in your actions; no one can stop you from being your greatest version. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Have you ever watched a sunrise? It’s such a beautiful experience!. Watching you grow is a similar treat. I love you so much. Happy Birthday to you, Champ! Keep rising!
  • Hardships are a part of life, but suffering is optional. Learn to Grow through what you Go through. Happy Birthday!
  • One setback shouldn’t make you question your entire journey. Because everything ultimately happens for good. May God bless you. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! I wish you all the happiness, success and luxuries in the world! You deserve it all and so much more! Enjoy your day!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! I’m so grateful and blessed to find a friend in you. May you always succeed in everything you do!
  • God was kind enough to gift me, You. I’m forever grateful to be your dad. Never stop believing in yourself, and you will work wonders. God bless you, Happy Birthday!

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